1、Interested in the Mattress industry, have good commercial reputation and personal qualities, and identity Jingjing company brand culture and enterprise value;

2、have the necessary financial strength, good ability of management and sustainable development of the market;

3、a strong brand awareness, service concept and actively cooperate with themanagement concept of the company headquarters specification jingjing.

Join policy

1, the preparatory support: the company will to the franchisee to provide open evaluation value, investment budget, operating cost, performance prediction, returns,selection of evaluation and other pre shop market feasibility evaluation, reduce investment risk; participate in the local market survey; to store lots of evaluation;analysis of market competition environment and other series of feasibility, ensure the success of the brand introduction;

2, decoration support: we start from site selection, from surveying and mapping,simulation, the decoration effect drawing requirements, construction attention and other aspects, from the global to the detail, give guidance and help to provideprofessional, meticulous service, the company will give subsidies to normal operation after the decoration in the terminal;

3, training support: the company will provide staff to the franchisee and the training of professional product knowledge, display skills, store management, and in the opening period and the later period management, regular and irregular are given to providevarious professional training support. At the same time, the company provided free"product knowledge Handbook", "Manager Handbook", "the manual guide", "display implementation Handbook";

4, product support: the company will combine the actual situation of the shop, to giveproducts Peihuo guidance, price guide, inventory guidance; the company in different seasons and different holiday, anniversary and other season to provide rich and colorful promotional products, gifts for the franchisee to choose, in order to achievethe effect of promotion。

5, marketing support: the company with the sales of local consumption truth and stores, marketing planning throughout the year, including the opening of the festivalseason, different season, spring and autumn two large-scale promotion marketing programs to help the franchisee to grasp market trends and opportunities, improve sales performance;

6, visiting stores support: the company sent the market supervision and regular professional shop display guidance and help, improve store visual effect, the maintenance of brand image, help the franchisee to analyze and solve practicalproblems of terminal;

7, the advertising support: the company will be on a regular basis throughout the country on brand promotion advertising, increase brand awareness and reputation;

8, the logistics support: the company will provide customers with free distribution methods most suitable, for the franchisee goods safety, arrive on time to provide the most effective protection;

9, zero inventory support: the goods in 3 months, does not affect the second sale of the situation can be change 100%;

10, the incentive mechanism: joining in to achieve sales target task as agreed upon in the contract, the company will give franchisees the corresponding proportion of therebate as a reward.

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